Our Grades K-6 Workshop Themes


The Five Senses

Make your voice just like Darth Vader's using our amplified frequency modulator; uncover the hidden colours in everyday light; and take our CO2 taste test. This class will stimulate students to think about the basic concepts behind seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, and tasting.


Solid Liquid Gas

In this interactive class we explore the three states of matter, turn water to ice in minutes, and make bubbling potions of white bubbles and thick fog using dry ice. Kids can make slime to take home.



By examining insect specimens and models, students will identify and investigate the common characteristics of insects. At the end of this class, students will have an idea of what it's like to be a creepy crawler as they see the world through a bug's eyes!


Slime Time

Ooze into a gooey hour of sliming around! Learn about polymers and the signs of chemical reactions as we compare "physical-reaction" slime and "chemical-reaction" slime. And of course students will make their very own batch of Mad Science slime to take home with them!


Invisible Forces

Charge up on static electricity! In this class we'll conduct hair-raising experiments and explore the characteristics of magnets. At the end, we'll have a tug-of-war using the super power of electromagnetism.



Students will take a tour on the electron freeway! Investigate conductors, insulators, and other elements in the world of circuit electricity as well as experiment with both static electricity and electromagnetism.



Join Bernoulli as we take an exciting look at the science behind air pressure and aerodynamics. Students will learn about vacuums and the powers of atmospheric pressure as well as how this science links to an understanding of lift, drag, and thrust.


Let's Get Chemical

In this class students will get to participate in a series of hands-on reactions and learn the indicators of physical versus chemical changes.


Light & Sound

This class is all about waves! We compare the properties of visible light to the properties of other types of electromagnetic radiation. We explore the relationship between frequency and colour (in light) and frequency and pitch (in sound). Tying this all together, students will get a chance to "see" the vibrations made by their own voices.


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