Our Preschool Workshop Themes


Colour Lab

This workshop introduces preschoolers to the exciting world of colour. They learn about the colours of the rainbow and experiment with their creative side during an activity on colour mixing.


Listen Closely

This workshop introduces kids to the science behind the sounds all around them. Kids experiment with a wave motion model and a twirling tube to help them understand that sound travels in waves and can be heard in a variety of pitches. They also learn about the everyday materials that make a variety of special effects noises in the movies and create their own special effects sounds.


Adventures in Air

Preschoolers learn that even though air is invisible it is all around them, all the time. They also learn that air has the power to move items and to slow them down. They experiment with a variety of items that rely on the air to help them move.


Water Works

Water is more complicated than it looks and through this exciting workshop children learn all about the different properties of water. They experiment with floating, sinking, absorption, and so much more.


Magnetic Attraction

Children experience the poles and power of magnets in this hands-on workshop that provides them with the opportunity to make their own magnet to take home.


Mad Mixtures

Kids learn simple chemistry and get to experiment with mini-volcanoes and elephant toothpaste.


Solid Liquid Gas

Preschoolers touch bubbling potions and witness coins dancing on blocks of dry ice in this workshop about the basic concepts of matter.


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